10 Things To Ask Your Contractor Before Hiring

construction jobs
construction jobs

Construction with Kilgore Companies is worth the investment, with a wide range of specialized products and services. We all know that finding the right contractor can be a daunting task. However, with the right questions, you might find the perfect contractor for your needs. Here are ten essential questions to help you get started before hiring a contractor:

1. How long have you been working in this industry?

First, ask about their experience in this industry; find out how many years they’ve worked in construction jobs and what kinds of projects they’ve worked on.

2. Are you a licensed contractor?

It’s important to confirm whether or not the contractor is licensed to handle your specific construction job so you can be confident their work meets the required professional and legal standards.

3. What insurance policies do you provide?

Please ensure you are aware of any insurance policies for any liabilities due to the contractor’s work or their employees.

4. What guarantee of quality do you offer?

Inquire about their standards guarantee to know the expectations during and after the construction job.

5. Can you provide references I can Contact?

Request references from previous clients to better understand their experience hiring the builder and how they handle different construction jobs.

6. Are you willing to sign a “times & materials” Contract?

Inquire whether the contractor is willing to sign a “times & materials” contract, which outlines hourly rates and approved costs associated with materials used.

7. What is the projected timeline for this project?

Understanding the estimated timeline for completion is important to ensure the project stays on track. You don’t want to deal with a contractor with more construction jobs than they can handle.

8. Who will be the onsite manager?

Knowing who the onsite manager is can help in ordering supplies or any time you need to address issues that may arise during your construction project.

9. Who will obtain permits, if applicable?

Be clear on who will be responsible for obtaining applicable permits -the contractor or yourself – so there will be no surprises regarding extra costs or wasted time.

10. Are you affiliated with any professional organizations?

Check if your contractor belongs to professional organizations, as membership can demonstrate higher quality standards, access to exclusive tools and resources, and better customer service.

Taking time to ask these inquiries will help you find a reliable and competent contractor who can deliver results according to your expectations and preferences.