Work-Life Balance with Kilgore Companies

jobs in construction

Finding a state of equilibrium between work and personal life in jobs in construction has to be one of the most challenging things. A tip on either side is often due to too many responsibilities from work or other life obligations. However, it is essential to always work towards a balance lest one side overshadows the other, thus causing broken relationships, lower productivity, or even mental health issues.

Kilgore companies strive to create conducive work environments for our employees to thrive and boost their efforts to balance work and life. These two entities play a huge role in jobs in construction, thus affecting our company’s success.

How Do We Work-Life Balance for our employees?

Kilgore companies aim at making a positive impact in promoting our employee’s wellness through benefits such as:

• Comprehensive Insurance packages- we promote health and wellness by providing comprehensive covers for employees, their spouse, and their children. These packages are designed to meet employee needs and ease personal life burdens.

• Disability Insurance Programs- We also protect our employees with short and long-term disability covers from cushioning them in case of accidents in the line of duty.

• Paid Time Off- Part of the work-life balance entails having time to rest. We encourage our employees to take time to reset and put their personal life in order.

• Career Development Opportunities- Growth opportunities are crucial to promoting employee engagement. Kilgore companies offer opportunities for growth within the company to motivate them and help them build successful careers.

• Promoting Financial Health- Kilgore companies value employee financial wellness as much as we do their physical wellness. We offer a Roth 401(k) to help them protect their future beyond their work life.

These benefits continue to significantly impact jobs in construction and motivate them to deliver their best at work. We also support our employees at work by allowing them to take breaks and giving them flexible working hours to facilitate success in achieving long-term work-life balance.