What to Wear During Construction Jobs in the Winter

jobs in construction
jobs in construction

Do not let the cold temperatures cause unnecessary stress at work during winter. As dangerous as construction sites can be on normal days, the days you show up unprepared for winter are even riskier. The risk of working in the cold weather often doubles—construction workers must protect themselves from increased risk of hypothermia and frostbite besides construction site hazards.

The Correct Winter Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) For Construction Workers

Jobs in construction are in work sites that can be cold, brutal, and unforgiving — a fact that contributes to at least 1.7% of fatal injuries. As it turns out, people looking for jobs in construction must be prepared with the correct construction PPE to minimize the risks of health conditions caused by cold weather. Despite the freezing temperatures, most jobs in construction are safe and comfortable.

Here are the four most crucial winter safety wear pieces for construction workers:

Insulated Gloves

Using gloves can help keep your hands from shivering or freezing. They should have a foam insulation layer on the back of the hand. You can choose leather palm gloves made from windproof material.

Protective Eye Wear

Snow glare and wind can strain the eyes in winter. Exposure to these conditions can easily lead to snow blindness, an eye condition that makes it impossible to see in bright light. Always protect your eyes when working outside during the winter months.

Waterproof and Insulated Boots

Add waterproof and insulated boots that are comfortable and non-skid to your winter safety gear. Besides, use boots that offer ankle support to protect your feet and lower legs in winter.

Warm Jackets

In the winter, choose to clothe with insulating materials like wool to keep you warm. Wear jackets that trap warm air against your body.

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