Keep Warm on the Job Site this Winter

construction jobs
construction jobs

While you might want to stay home and snuggle with a hot mug of cocoa, your bills will keep you out working in the cold. This doesn’t have to be an entirely cringy experience. There are several ways you can keep warm as you work your construction jobs to avoid getting sick or slowing down your progress.

Layer your clothing

When laboring on construction jobs during the winter, it is a known detail that you require at least three layers of clothing. Most people ignore this important technique when it is the most effective and easiest method to protect yourself. Your first layer should be made of fabrics like cotton that can soak up your perspiration. The second one should be composed of permeable, body-insulating fabric, such as wool. The final layer is a shield from elements like rain and snow. This refers to anything windproof and watertight. You want to ensure your clothes fit nicely and permit you to move freely without subjecting you to the cold.

Gloves for protection

Your hands are the most used body parts when working construction jobs; thus, keeping them warm is critical. Although many employees have the propensity to discard their mittens and carry on working, this just raises the likelihood of hypothermia. Selecting the correct compact gloves can assist employees in retaining the warmth on their hands. If this fails to work, glove liners are also an option you might try. Wearing gloves is the best and most efficient way to keep your hands warm, and a pairing of a glove liner and mittens is perfect while resting in the cold.

Keep Dry

If your apparel becomes damp and the wetness remains on your body, it will cause your metabolic temperature to drop. This is why your bottom layer must drain humidity away from your skin, and your upper layer must be impermeable to prevent moisture penetration. Remember to keep extra socks, mittens, and headwear, on hand in case the ones on your body become wet.


No matter how important your construction jobs are, nothing should come before your health. Protect yourself from the cold that comes with winter. Companies like Kilgore Companies amplify the need to keep yourself warm while working during winter.