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jobs in construction
jobs in construction

Are you looking for a satisfying and fruitful career in the construction industry? From paving to grading and driving, the world of construction is home to plenty of career opportunities for workers with a wide range of in-demand skills. With a large skills gap and the upcoming wave of retirements hitting the industry, the estimated demand for jobs in construction is set to skyrocket. Here at Kilgore Companies, we know there is no better time to get started in the industry than today.

Low Barrier to Entry

You can begin working towards a career in construction with minimal investment when compared to the expenses associated with pursuing the traditional 4-year degree that is often required for a successful career in other industries. Instead, most construction careers begin using an apprenticeship learning model, enabling new workers to learn on the job. While certain trades may require associate degrees, industry credentials, or certifications, you’ll be able to meet these requirements far more quickly than a 4-year degree.

Boundless Growth Opportunities

Jobs in construction come with plenty of advantages that lay a strong foundation for a satisfying career. These advantages include variety, with a virtually endless range of compelling craft careers to choose from, and accelerated career growth opportunities, with the construction industry’s aging workforce resulting in the need for an increasingly rapid infusion of younger workers to replace those in key leadership roles over the next several years. Whether you’re mathematically inclined or great at problem-solving, you can enjoy a successful career within the construction industry.

Get Started With Kilgore Companies

As a provider of aggregates, ready-mix concrete, paving, and construction services, Kilgore Companies has plenty of openings for jobs in construction. Job opportunities are located all across the country, offering competitive wages and plenty of benefits. To see the latest job listings, visit Kilgore Companies today!