Morning Safety Talks Keep Kilgore Companies’ Professionals Successful

construction jobs
construction jobs

A morning routine is always one of the things successful people always tell you made them successful. It provides stability and focus, allowing you to start the day on the right foot. When it comes to a construction job site, the same rules apply. See below.

Activity Result of Activity

Morning Routines = Successful People
Morning Safety Talks= Successful Construction Job Sites (Injury-free)

Industry Statistics

The construction industry employs more Americans today than ever before in history. NIOSH Directory of Construction Resources reported in 2019 that US employment in construction jobs has increased 25% since 2011. With a growing industry, there can be growing pains. In 2019, the general construction industry saw 911 on-site fatalities. In contrast, smaller companies (20 workers or fewer) represent a disproportionately large percentage of these accidents. Yet, larger construction companies like those owned by Kilgore Companies have found a way of leaving construction job site fatalities in the rearview mirror. At Kilgore, we attribute our safety success to ‘the morning meeting.’

The Success of Kilgore’s Morning Safety Talks

At Kilgore Companies, we recently hit a huge milestone collecting 3000 days without a lost time incident for any of our subsidiary companies and their team members. (LinkedIn). Kilgore’s safety success lies in one very important and daily tradition that all of their construction job sites share: The Morning Safety Meeting.

Every morning before the work gets underway, Kilgore Companies team members meet with their foreman or superintendent to talk about safety tips and best practices for the day on their specific site. The company culture revolves around safety, and each day starts off with a meeting focused solely on that topic.

Great reminders and smart tips, like stopping to think before you leave and after returning from a break, then assess and control any immediate hazards. Finally, EHS Insights reminds professionals to always have a safety system in place and to go over it consistently with your team members, just as our Kilgore Companies’ teams diligently do every morning during their morning safety talks.

If routine creates success, our teams at Kilgore have construction jobs success down to a science, and it all starts with a daily dose of safety at the top of every workday.