Asphalt, Concrete, and Construction

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jobs in construction

Asphalt concrete is also called black cementing agent, asphalt, blacktop in the US, or tarmac in the UK. Asphalt concrete has been used in the construction of roads for decades. The composite material can also be used in houses, commercial buildings, airports, parking lots, and pavements. If you are looking for jobs in construction by Kilgore Companies, it would be best to learn about asphalt concrete and its use in construction.27

Asphalt Concrete Use In Construction

Asphalt concrete is mixed with gravel, crushed rock, and sand as part of an aggregate mixture used in construction. Bitumen is used as a binding agent or binder to ensure the aggregate mixture is cohesive. Bitumen is a liquid binder made from petroleum that holds asphalt together.

Asphalt concrete is primarily made for paving surfaces and includes two main ingredients: aggregates and asphalt binder. The aggregates make up 95% of the mixture, whereas the asphalt binder or bitumen is the remaining 5%.

Asphalt paving mixture is made in a processing plant and transported by truck to the appropriate location. The construction crew will apply the paving mixture by spreading it into a uniform thickness with a mechanical paving or finishing machine.

Types of Asphalt Concrete

Asphalt concrete has many uses when working jobs in construction, but it will depend on the type. Different construction projects have different requirements, which determine the type of asphalt concrete used. The mix used needs to have sufficient stiffness and resistance to handle the pressure applied to it. The type of asphalt used will also determine the durability of the construction.

The following are the types of asphalt concrete:

1) Hot mix asphalt (HMA)

2) Warm mix asphalt (WMA)

3) Half-warm mix asphalt

4) cold mix asphalt (CMA)

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