What is a Water Truck, and Why is it Used?

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Water trucks are truly a special lot of vehicles. They are certainly a familiar site at construction sites as they play a huge role in daily operations. Essentially, a water truck can be defined as a specialized vehicle equipped with a large water tank, usually on its rear. They facilitate the transportation of specified volumes of water distributed and controlled through spray nozzles. Different water truck models can hold different amounts of water, ranging from 2,000 gallons to 70,000 gallons, as in the case of some off-road models.

Why are Water Trucks Important on Construction Sites?

Water trucks are commonly applied in large-scale production environments such as industries, agriculture, mining, and civil construction sites. Aside from their large capacity tanks, they are fairly mobile, thus taking water wherever needed. Major uses of water trucks include:

  1. Fire control

Fire accidents are not common at construction sites; prevention is better than cure. Having a water truck on standby is essential, especially for fire-prone areas.

2. Mixing construction materials

Water is also important in mixing several construction materials, such as paint, ballast, and sand. Additionally, water is important for several chemical reactions, such as the hardening and hydration of cementitious materials. Water trucks help make this important element available, thus facilitating construction work.

3. Dust control

Construction works often generate a lot of dust. On the other hand, these dust particles pose a health risk to employees. Dust contributes significantly to several illnesses, such as asthma, irritation, bronchitis, and even heart disease, thus risking the speed of site operations.

4. Soil compaction and stone cutting

Even heavyweight machinery such as rollers, vibratory plates, and rammers are not enough to complete the work. Water trucks deliver surplus water to keep soil intact, especially in road construction. Water also helps achieve quick and clean cuts for stone and other minerals such as granite.

Water trucks certainly contribute to the seamless running of various construction jobs. Kilgore companies create a conducive working environment for all their employees, thus empowering quality service and professional growth.