What is a Scale House?

jobs in construction
jobs in construction

Scale houses are not rare to find on large-scale construction sites. They are small buildings usually spotted at the entry or transfer station of the site. During the 1820s, scale houses were built using brick and played a huge role as storage areas for scales and other necessary equipment needed to weigh ships and cargo goods.

Today, scale houses are widely used as office buildings for station employees. However, they have become more than simple structures built near weighbridges and truck weigh stations. The staple feature in construction sites also serves as recycling facilities and monitoring large-scale operations. Contemporary scale houses are equipped with scale computer software for easy data entry, record keeping, and evaluation of information.

What should you consider when building a scale house?

Permanent brick scale houses are a thing of the past as there are several options, including modern modular structures. They often come in various pre-fabricated options designed for functionality, superior performance, and, most often than not, comfort.

Some key considerations while designing these pre-fabricated shelters include

  • Workable sizing

A scale house is perhaps one of the busiest stations on a construction site. Depending on the traffic and size of the site, it is crucial to leave room for scalability and flexibility for seamless operations. Luckily there are various customizable options for companies to explore.

  • Doors and Windows

A huge part of a scale house operator’s role is constantly on the lookout. Therefore, the size of doors and windows matters in facilitating visibility. Large windows also open up the space, giving the impression of wider interiors.

  • Exterior Finishes

From color paints to vinyl wraps, numerous options make your scale house versatile without beating its purpose. Corporate colors and company logos add a corporate touch to the structure.

  • Insulation

The general safety rule for any structure is insulation. It is no different for scale houses. One way to insulate the design is by incorporating weather-resistant insulation into aluminum frames.

A construction company’s role is to create a conducive environment for its employees. Kilgore Companies values employee safety; that is why all our scale houses beat the standard. Reach out to us and get a chance to explore different jobs in construction.