Hot Plants: Everything You Need to Know

jobs in construction
jobs in construction

Construction jobs are some of the best jobs in construction in the United States. They’re also among the most dangerous.

At Kilgore Companies, we want all our employees to be safe at work and, therefore, make safety a priority in the materials and equipment we provide to contractors and workers on-site.

With various construction equipment in the market, choosing which product is best for your purposes may be difficult.

Here are a few ways to filter down the required product for your construction needs.

What is a Hot Plant?

A hot mix plant is a piece of equipment for combining aggregates and bitumen to produce asphalt mix for road paving.

How does a Hot Mix Plant Work?

The production of hot mix asphalt is made of aggregates that must first be dried and heated with bitumen. Drying these aggregates takes place on a dryer drum in an inclined shape, with a gas-fired furnace at the base of the cylinder.

Inside the drum, different types of flights and oils assist in properly heating up the aggregate and properly coating it with bitumen.

Hot Mix Plants are usually available in batch and drum types.

These products typically have capacities between 40 and 60 tph or 80-160 tph, with the smaller models typically being more popular since they produce smaller amounts more quickly.

For large jobs in construction, the larger ones offer more mobility.

Batch Mix Plant

In a batch plant, aggregates are placed in appropriate bins of the aggregate feeders and then conveyed to the drying drums using a conveyor.

They are then transferred to vibratory screens, which separate them according to their size, and placed in separate hot bins once they leave the dryer.

Drum Mix Plant

In the drum mix plant, the mixer containing different-sized aggregates and filler is allowed to dry & mixed with bitumen in the drying drum. Therefore, both drying and mixing are done in the same unit.

There are many advantages to using drum mix plants in jobs in construction, such as their compact size and portability.

Kilgore drum mix plants offer trouble-free performance and superior fuel efficiency and comply with the latest M.O.R.T.H standards. Containerized drum mix plants make transportation easy and convenient.

Finding the right hot mix plant needs sufficient research and consultation with experts. Ensure that you review various construction equipment manufacturers‘ catalogs before selecting.