Construction Laws in Colorado

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Colorado’s laws on construction are pretty much similar to numerous states. The laws are formulated on the foundation of the general federal regulations and statutes; however, there are twists here and there, especially concerning licensing and penalties.

Essentially, the standard construction rule offers guidance on the contract interpretation process. The first order of business is interpretation to determine the roles and core objectives of parties during and in the contract. It is worth noting that some statutes have been revised severally. For example, the following articles in the Statutes Title 24- Government- State Construction have been revised at least twice in 2017 and 2018.

  • Article 91- Construction Contracts with Public Entities
  • Article 92- Construction Bidding for Public Projects
  • Article 93- Construction Contracts.

Things You Should Know.

All stakeholders must stay updated with the latest happenings under the law regardless of the state. Also, there is a need to know the rules surrounding construction jobs and that the company you work for abides by these regulations. Here are a few areas to start from as you familiarise yourself with construction laws in Colorado:

  1. The Worker Classification Test

A worker classification test determines the employment relationship that exists, whether the worker is an employee or an independent contractor. In Colorado, the law requires an A&C of ABC test.

2. Construction Defect laws and issues

The construction defect laws and Issues (2015) are one to familiarize with. It provides information on the state’s construction defect laws and covers various issues around the same in the state. This law is crucial to construction jobs as it also gives the views of civil law for different states, the crimes, corrections, and enforcement guidelines.

3. Right to Repair Laws

On May 17, 2021, Governor Polis signed a new bill, capping the retainage for private projects over $150 000 at 5%. The law applies to private commercial contracts and exempts contracts between family unit contractors and private owners.

It is also essential to look at the regulations concerning pollution and noise during the allowed operation hours and the contractor’s liability for work in the state. Although staying aware of changes in the law is crucial, applying for construction jobs at a well-established company saves you the worry of having to keep up. Kilgore Companies offer a broad category of construction jobs in different parts of Colorado. The company is always ready to help motivated individuals grow their careers while putting their safety first.