Construction Laws in Nevada

jobs in construction
jobs in construction

Nevada does not have statutes providing specific guidelines governing or regulating the field of private construction of privately funded construction projects. It majorly relies on federal laws, which are shared across different states. However, some measures are still required by the law for all public works projects, including jobs in construction.

An essential law in this discipline is the Little Miller Act. It is a construction litigation statute of limitation that also pleads the requirements and enforceability of specific clauses. The Little Miller Act is, more or less, an extension of the 1935 Miller Act. It generally applies to every federal construction project, requiring construction companies to provide security in the event of a breach of contract. Under the Miller Act, general contractors have to furnish a payment bond as a surety bond to guarantee project completion and a performance bond as a surety for payment of service to subcontractors and material providers.

What is the difference between The Miller Act and The Little Miller Act?

The Miller Act gives the government an advantage as it does not protect general contractors. The latter often have to file lawsuits against public agencies in case of a problem. Additionally, the surety payments only cater to the first and second tire sub-contractors and only some service (or material) providers.

On the other hand, the Little Miller Act regulates state-owned projects. The single act varies from state to state. For instance, the Nevada Little Miller Act allows bond claims to state agencies, subcontractors, and suppliers to whom a construction company is contracted. The statute does not differ much from the Federal Act.

The Nevada State Contractors Board

Nevada State also relies on a Contractor’s Board- Nevada State Contractor’s board for quality assurance in construction. The board is mandated with the crucial role of licensing contractors via a regulatory licensing system. It is specifically meant to protect the public’s health, safety, and welfare. Most jobs in construction require licensing and are thus subject to compliance with the board.

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