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jobs in construction
jobs in construction

The United States construction industry is among the sectors booming with opportunities for qualified professionals who are looking for an opportunity to get involved. Pipe layers are among the high-demand jobs in construction. According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics 2021 national pipe layers estimate, 33,330 pipe layers were in employment.

Pipe Layer Job Responsibilities

A skilled pipe layer joins a construction crew to help assemble and connect pipe systems on-site. These pipes may belong to sewers, drains, or mains. Like most jobs in construction, a pipe layer exhibit excellent physical fitness and pipe fitting knowledge to help them accomplish the following roles:

  • Configure different pipe routes
  • Operate trenching tools to dig trenches
  • Assemble, cut, and connect pipes
  • Locate installed piping systems
  • Remove and replace old piping systems
  • Seal pipe trenches
  • Lay pipes in line with the city ordinates
  • Identify broken pipes using magnetic or radio indicators and seal exposed pipe fitting or joints
  • Align pipes and seal them with cement glue
  • Install auxiliary lines
  • Asses the ground condition
  • Repair sanitary sewer structures.


Pipe layer’s qualifications vary depending on the construction company’s requirements. However, most contractors expect a qualified pipe layer to have the following:

  • A pipe-laying certificate or work experience
  • Knowledge of different pipe laying techniques
  • Ability to operate trenching tools
  • Ability to use magnetic or radio indicators
  • Leadership skills.

Industries Where Pipe Layers Work

Industries with the highest published pipe layer jobs include the following:

  • Utility system construction
  • Local governments
  • Building equipment contractors
  • Highway and bridge contractors
  • Water and sewage system contractors.

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