What is PPE, and Why is it Important?

jobs in construction
jobs in construction

When working jobs in construction, a lot can go wrong. It is considered one of the highly dangerous jobs largely because of the heavy machinery, large equipment, mobile materials, and inhalable particles. This is why it is important to observe the rules put in place for jobs in construction. The most emphasized safety measure is the use of PPE.

What is PPE?

PPE is an acronym that translates to Personal Protective Equipment. It is a group of items worn and used to minimize a construction worker’s exposure to danger and hazardous conditions. In other words, they protect you from workplace injuries and illnesses that can come from contact with radiological, chemical, electrical, physical, and mechanical contact. With PPE, you can significantly minimize the safety and health risks you would otherwise be exposed to.

Why PPE is Important

Kilgore Companies provide PPE equipment for all its construction employees and encourage all other jobs in construction to invest in PPE because;

It Helps Prevent Long-Term Illnesses

Every day you show up to your jobs in construction, you are exposed to chemicals and compounds that pose a real threat to your health. Elements like asbestos fibers are common in construction materials, yet they are also known to cause cancer. This is why there is specific equipment made for handling materials with asbestos. Other diseases you might get include skin infections and respiratory illnesses. On top of this, losing any part of your body can cause long-term effects that are irreversible.

Makes You Visible to Others

Accidents have become a norm at construction sites. This is why you might be required to wear high-visibility clothing to allow other workers and drivers to spot you from a distance. Such PPE is made from florescent material to allow people to see you from a greater distance. This can keep you and others safe from accidents in the workplace.

Exempts You from Injury Liabilities

Suppose anything were to happen to you while at your jobs in construction; if you were wearing the right PPE, the liability and responsibility of your injuries are taken care of by insurance. However, if this were to happen and you had no PPE, then the cost and responsibility of your injury are considered a result of personal negligence.


Investing in PPE will save you hefty costs and fines but, most importantly, safeguard your health and life. If you are working any jobs in construction, ensure you invest in PPE for your own benefit.