Weather on the Job Site

Jobs in Construction

One of the most important factors that can affect your jobs in construction is the weather. Depending on the project, and the environment, you might need to observe several measures, including weather monitoring, to enhance safety while constructing.

Weather Conditions that Affect Construction

Some of the harsh weather conditions you should be aware of at your jobs in construction include;

Ground Temperature

In the winter and fall, especially when it gets below freezing, ground temperature is a major worry. When the earth is frozen, it is very difficult to excavate and pour concrete. Frost can penetrate as much as one foot below the surface, making it more difficult to break the ice and continue the building.


In addition to being uncomfortable to operate in, the presence of substantial or heavy downpour will impair visibility and transform the terrain into mud, both of which pose threats to site employees’ safety and health. Fast-flowing, deep water poses a risk to human life in addition to endangering equipment.

Powerful winds

Strong winds present a safety hazard, particularly when cranes and towers are set up on the site. When wind speeds approach 20 mph, construction managers and engineers advise stopping crane and tower operations. The location can become dusty due to the winds, which would then make it harder to see.

Safety measures for weather challenges

If you want to protect your building as well as the jobs in construction, there are a few things you can do.

Purchase a Construction Envelope

Due to the length of most building projects, you will undoubtedly have to deal with bad weather at some time. With Kilgore Companies construction enclosures, you can shield your work sites from the elements and weather. They can protect your long-term project year after year because they have a life expectancy of years.

Strengthen Your Team

Your crew has a big impact on the safety of the construction site. Your staff should be trained to manage a variety of conditions. Because of their training, they are more certain and capable of handling challenging situations without hesitation or fear.


Just because you cannot control the weather doesn’t mean there is nothing you can do to limit its effect on the jobs in construction and the building itself. Follow safety procedures and go the extra mile for your investment.