The Creation of Concrete

jobs in construction
jobs in construction

An amateur in construction can barely understand how concrete is used or made. But companies like Kilgore Companies have been in the industry for a long time and can provide well manufactured concrete to give your structure maximum durability.

What is concrete made of?

Different materials, each with a different purpose, are combined to form concrete. The cement, coarse aggregates, fine aggregates (sand), and water mixture determines the majority of the qualities of concrete. All of these components aid in changing the characteristics of both newly-poured and already-hardened concrete.

How concrete is created

People frequently believe that concrete can be simply manufactured by following a few straightforward processes. However, A scientific formula is used to create concrete. People working jobs in construction do a Concrete mix design to select certain concrete components. Here is a brief description of the creation of concrete;

Preparing Portland cement

Portland cement is made of silica, limestone, and aluminum components that are dry crushed into a very fine powder, combined in specific quantities, and heated to 2,550 degrees Fahrenheit in a huge rotary kiln to partially fuse into clinker.

After cooling, people working jobs in construction process the clinker in a ball or tube mill to a fine powder. It is crushed and ground in a ball mill, which is a spinning drum packed with metal balls of different sizes. During the grinding process, gypsum is added to make up the final composition.


aggregates including sand, pebbles, or coarse aggregate, admixtures, fibers, and water are next combined with the cement. Under typical operating circumstances, aggregates are pre-blended or introduced into the ready-mix concrete factory. Rotation or stirring is used throughout the mixing process to evenly distribute the other components and cover the aggregate’s surface in cement paste.

Transport to work site

The finished concrete mixture is then delivered to the construction site using a variety of tools, such as wheelbarrows, buckets, belt conveyors, special trucks, and pumping.


To create robust and stable structures, you need to fill your jobs in construction with experienced professionals with knowledge about the creation and use of concrete.