When to Wear Safety Gloves

jobs in construction
jobs in construction

Workplace safety is vital, facilitated through using the right protective equipment. Safety gloves are personal protective equipment that prevents your hands’ exposure to any form of harm. There are various safety gloves based on the type of work you handle, and your selection depends on the gloves’ purpose. Occupational health and safety laws require that your employer provides you with protective equipment to ensure a safe working environment, especially for jobs in construction. You must ensure you use the protective equipment suitably upon provision by your employer. Kilgore Companies emphasize using protective equipment for effective construction work. Read on to learn about critical instances to wear safety gloves in construction jobs.

1. Extreme Temperature Conditions

When working under extreme temperature conditions, it is vital to use suitable gloves to prevent harm to hands. Thus, to keep your hands comfortable during construction work, kevlar gloves are vital (Indeed). Ensure you use suitable gloves when handling jobs in construction under extreme temperatures.

2. Handling Dangerous Chemicals

Hazardous chemicals can cause significant damage to your hands. As a construction worker, you may have to use various chemicals for effective outcomes in your work. Indeed emphasizes that Liquid-resistant gloves protect your hands under such circumstances. Hazardous chemicals can result in hand damage through skin peeling or irreparable burning, which may affect your productivity.

3. Handling Power Tools

Power tools pose significant threats to your hands when mishandled. According to Captions, safety gloves are a priority for jobs in construction when handling power tools due to the protection against various forms of injury. Indeed highlights that in welding, leather gloves are vital in offering protection. Use safety gloves when handling power tools for your hands’ protection.

At Kilgore Companies, safety is among our highest priorities to achieve success in various projects. Contact us to work with an empowered workforce with adequate safety training, to work collectively towards your projects.