Staying Hydrated Working in the Heat this Summer

construction jobs
construction jobs

Working with normal temperatures can be rather exhausting. Now imagine working construction jobs during a heat wave! Wearing weather-appropriate clothes and sunscreen is not enough to protect your internal organs. You need to maintain your hydration levels throughout the day. This is how Kilgore Companies advises you to stay hydrated;

Drink a lot of water

It might be difficult to determine exactly how much moisture your body loses when temperatures rise. Drinking when you’re thirsty is the cardinal rule of staying hydrated, especially when working construction jobs. If you struggle to drink plain old water, various beverages might help you get the fluids you need for your body. Teas, milk, juices, and sodas may all help you stay hydrated. But bear in mind that juices and sodas sometimes include a lot of sugar, which might provide a separate health risk. But if a drink continues to quench your thirst, that could be your best course of action.

Discover the symptoms of dehydration

The most common dehydration signs include sensitive, itchy, red, irritated, or dry skin. You might also notice other related symptoms, including a headache, feeling lightheaded, or tired. Other symptoms include experiencing cramping in the muscles, fast breathing, dizziness, not urinating, or urine that is a dark shade of yellow. Get outside of the heat and consume lots of fluids if you are feeling any of these symptoms. The best solutions include rehydrating and resting under a shade until you feel re-energized. Make a 911 call in case your dehydration is severe.

Eat meals high in water

Consider your options if drinking a lot of water makes you uncomfortable. While you should always drink lots of water, you may also add food to your diet to stay hydrated and energized for your construction jobs. Pick foods with high water content, such as lettuce, cucumbers, zucchini, grapes, melons, and oranges. You can also increase your water intake from soups made with broth. Even a frozen fruit juice popsicle is an option.


Most construction jobs require a lot of energy and hydration. During the summer, you must pay extra attention to your hydration and energy levels to avoid passing out or overstretching your body’s abilities.