What is Ready-Mix Concrete?

Ready-mix concrete is a term that refers to concrete mixed in a batch plant in advance. The concrete mix follows a custom recipe for different jobs in construction. It also allows for the development and implementation of specialty concrete mixtures on construction sites. Kilgore Companies is already in use.

Why Modern Construction Uses Ready-mix Concrete

Ready-mix concrete is often preferred over other types of concrete. The preference is because it is relatively easy to work with and transport to the construction site already mixed and ready. This type of concrete is often used in large commercial projects, such as office buildings, malls, and hospitals because workers can pour it quickly and efficiently into the required forms.

Ready-mix concrete has several advantages over other types of concrete.

  1. It is possible to produce concrete with high compressive strength.
  2. Construction using ready-mix concrete boosts energy efficiency.
  3. The carbon footprint of ready-mix concrete is lower than that of other types of concrete.

As a result, there are many jobs in construction that use ready-mix concrete. Some of these jobs include the following.

  1. Building foundations
  2. Pouring concrete slabs
  3. Constructing buildings and bridges
  4. Making sidewalks and driveways
  5. Creating swimming pools

Consult the Experts on Ready-Mix Concrete?

There are many types of ready-mix concrete, each for different jobs in construction. Each type is mixed to suit a specific purpose. Of course, the details are important. However, experienced people in the industry should take care of the specifics. So you may need to hire a general contractor or construction manager to ensure everything gets sorted out. So, you don’t need to have all this at your fingertips. Construction companies have experienced experts who discern what concrete to use. Reach out to Kilgore Companies for your construction needs.