What Are the 3 Types of Construction?

Construction is a vast industry, and there are many different types of construction jobs. Whether you’re building a new home or office, fixing up an existing structure, or putting in a new road or bridge, there are three main types of construction work that you’ll need to know about. They include:


Infrastructure construction generally refers to the construction of public works and other large-scale projects. This includes various construction jobs, from building highways and bridges to dams and power plants. The government typically finances infrastructure projects, which often take many years to complete. As a result, they can significantly boost the economy, creating jobs and stimulating economic growth. In addition, well-designed infrastructure can improve the quality of life for citizens by providing them with better access to essential services. For all these reasons, infrastructure construction is a necessary type of construction work.


Industrial construction involves the construction of buildings and structures for industrial purposes. Industrial construction jobs can include the construction of factories, warehouses, and power plants. Industrial construction requires a higher level of expertise due to the complex nature of industrial buildings and facilities.

Residential Buildings

Residential construction is a type of construction that involves the construction of homes and other types of residences. Residential construction jobs can include single-family homes, apartments, condominiums, and different housing types. Electricians, plumbers, HVAC technicians, carpenters, and drywall installers play an important role in construction.

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