Ready-Mix Concrete vs. Cement

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Kilgore Companies uses a lot of different materials such as cement and concrete. Have you ever wondered about the difference between the two? Let’s put that aside.

The Difference Between Ready-mix Concrete and Cement

In simple terms, cement is a binder, a substance that sets and hardens to adhere to building materials, like gravel or sand. To make cement, despite its name, you need limestone, clay, and sand. These ingredients are crushed and fed through a kiln at 2,700 degrees Fahrenheit (ca. 1,482 °C). That said, there are different types of cement. For example, there’s masonry cement, which is used for jobs in construction like bricklaying.

That’s why concrete is sometimes called “aggregate.” To make concrete, you must add just the right amount of water; too much, and the concrete will be too soupy.

The Difference Between the Two In Construction Works

In construction, the difference between cement and concrete is pretty big. Cement is only one ingredient in the concrete-the binder that helps stick everything together. On the other hand, concrete is the finished product used for things like sidewalks, patios, and driveways.

Most jobs in construction use ready-mix concrete, mixed at a plant and delivered to your job site in a truck. All you have to do is pour it out and shape it. Cement is mixed on the job site.

Safety Precautions for Working with Ready-Mix Concrete

Whether you’re working with cement or concrete, there are some safety precautions you should always take. Wear the right gear because cement and concrete can cause irritation and burns, so it’s important to avoid contact as much as possible. Finally, during all jobs in construction, always clean up after yourself.