Benefits of Working for Kilgore

Two young man architect on a building construction site

Kilgore Companies is among the renowned construction agencies serving customers in the Salt Lake City, UT, area. It features a wide assortment of construction materials for sale and has the necessary equipment and experienced staff to handle all building projects from small to large. 

Part of a company’s success is based on proper employee treatment. If you’re looking for construction jobs in Salt Lake City, sending your application to Kilgore Companies is worth trying. Read on to know the benefits of being part of the team. 

Health and Wellness

Working in the construction industry may put you at risk of sustaining injuries based on your daily tasks. Due to that reason, Kilgore Companies provides a comprehensive insurance plan tailored to meet personal health care needs. The plan can also cover employees’ children and spouses.

Paid Time-offs

Kilgore Companies appreciate the hard work employees put in to help it meet the needs of its clients. The company understands that rest is essential for every employee. The hiring team at the agency offers paid leaves and encourages employees to take advantage of the opportunity. 

401K Plan

The management at Kilgore Companies values the workers’ financial health just as it does their physical health. The company offers a traditional and Roth 401(K) plan, a savings and investment plan that gives a tax break for all the money employees save. 

Short and Long-Term Disability Plans

The company understands the job environment can trigger work-related injuries. For that reason, it provides life and disability insurance programs to employees that get injured while on their construction jobs. That can help reduce the financial burden of medical care they need to recover. 

Career Development

The company considers employees as the heart of its business activities. It offers growth opportunities through multiple construction jobs, including plant operators, truck drivers, paving laborers, traffic control maintainer, and finish blade foremen.

Work With Kilgore Companies Today!

Kilgore Companies values its employees. We’re the best option for experienced and newbie professionals looking for construction jobs in Salt Lake City. You can contact us today or view our job listings to be part of our tea.