Where is Warm Mixed Asphalt Used?

You get a dream jobs in construction working on roads. You want to impress your employers, but nothing is striking. Have you considered using Warm Mixed Asphalt, also known as WMA? Here is all you need to know about WMA to make an informed decision.

What is Warm Mixed Asphalt?

This is described as technologies that have been advanced to allow Hot Mixed Asphalt to be produced and used at lower temperatures without compromising the quality of the road and pavement. WMA is one of asphalt technology’s most significant accomplishments because of its numerous advantages.

How Is Warm Mixed Asphalt Beneficial?

WMA is the same product that has been used for hundreds of years with new and improved technology. Since the temperatures are reduced by 50 to 100 Fahrenheit, it brings better results at less. More advantages of WMA include;

• Reduced costs of construction work

Kilgore companies provide WMA at reasonable prices to ensure you get high-quality pavement at pocket-friendly prices.

• Asphalt mixture can be transported over longer distances

One of the biggest concerns for jobs in construction is distance. Do not worry; your product arrives at its location without compromising its quality.

• Reduces greenhouse gas emissions

The action towards environmental conservation is a global initiative, and Kilgore companies refuse to be left behind.

• Can be used for paving in more seasons than Hot Mixed Asphalt

While Hot Mixed Asphalt works best in specific seasons because of the temperature, WMA is multiseasonal, which means work does not have to slow down with seasons.

• Ensures safety of the workers as it reduces exposure to toxic fumes and emissions

Your employees and their health are also taken care of with WMA. The risks of fume-related complications and infections become almost nonexistent.

Warm Mixed Asphalt is the present and the future for people looking for jobs in construction. Visit our site or contact us for more information on WMA.