Purpose of a Quality Control Technician

Working in an astounding array of settings, quality control technicians are responsible for managing quality-assurance systems, testing items, and documenting and evaluating results data during product development and manufacture. The products being tested might range from healthcare equipment to fashion to food items, depending on the business in which the quality control specialist works. Many jobs in construction require quality control technicians to follow through on defined procedures. They need to assure adherence to best manufacturing practices and product quality standards and evaluate the efficiency and cost-effectiveness of product output.

Quality control technicians ensure that production or manufacturing processes and the resulting goods match the company’s quality requirements.

Their work guarantees that waste is eliminated, that production efficiency is increased, and that customers obtain consumable products.

These experts are often a component of a quality management team in any firm or organization in which they are employed.

As per experts at Kilgore Companies, quality control specialists must be physically fit because their job description needs them to stand the most of the day and often walk around and inspect everything to ensure everything is running well.

Quality Control Technician in the Construction Industry

People who do jobs in construction have a rough idea of what quality control technicians do. As a Quality Control Technician, one is expected to work closely with the field crews to verify that the job is finished and satisfies the specified standards and quality of workmanship. After completing and approving the job, the person will take measurements and apply the agreed-upon rates for invoicing.

Daily Responsibilities

  • Work with and Monitor Construction Crews
  • Ensure that Safety Protocols are being followed
  • Make sure that the buried Fiber Cable is at the proper depth and distance from the curb
  • Make sure Start and Stop times are followed
  • Read and Interpret Construction Prints
  • Take Measurements and Update Construction Prints
  • Daily / Weekly / Monthly Reporting
  • Use iPad / Computer as appropriate
  • Other duties as necessary

Work Conditions

According to Kilgore Companies, most of a quality control technician’s time is spent on the job site.

As is the case with many jobs in construction, safety comes first. Quality control officers on construction and other jobs in construction must be familiar with and adhere to all applicable safety policies and procedures.