What is Fill Material Used for?

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Fill material is used to fill low areas or holes in the ground. Fill material is also used for many purposes, such as creating a new site for another structure or building or leveling out an existing area so companies can reuse it for other purposes such as landscaping or gardening.

Where is fill material used?

Fill material is used in various industries, including construction, landscaping, farming, and mining. For example, lightweight fill materials are used in road construction to support the weight of the road. The primary purpose of fill material in the construction of roads is to reduce the volume of a particular area or space, reducing subgrade soil load.

Fill material can be made of different substances, including dirt, rocks, and old tires. There are many ways to create fill, such as dumping excess earth offsite or removing unwanted items from your home. Fill material can be made from simple dirt to concrete and is a great way to build an area without breaking the bank. It can also be used in jobs in construction to build up an area for infrastructures like roads or building foundations.

Types of Fill Material

The type of fill material used in any construction or landscaping project will directly impact how durable the jobs in construction will be. Common fill materials include:


Rocks are the most preferred fill materials for jobs in construction in wetlands where controlling drainage is a priority.


Sand as a filler material is ideal for constructing water reservoirs such as ponds, dams, and septic tanks.


Murram compacts easily and is ideal for constructing hard surfaces such as roads. Murram also does not allow water to pass easily, making it ideal for use as a filler material for building structures susceptible to water damage.

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