What is a Grading Plan?

jobs in construction
jobs in construction

A grading plan is a document that outlines the details of how construction workers will do jobs in construction on a site to redirect surface water runoff from structures, including what workers will use materials and equipment. A grading plan helps prevent building damage due to stagnant water and erosion and ensures that water moves away from the building’s foundation into the defined drainage system.

Why are grading plans necessary?

A grading plan is essential for a wide variety of reasons. First, it’s the blueprint for the construction equipment operating on-site. It shows all the features of a site and how they relate to each other and can be used as an overlay with other construction plans such as topographical maps or site plans that show where buildings and roads will be located concerning the wetlands in the area. Grading plans also include grades, elevations, contours, utility lines, and storm drainage features which are essential when designing new infrastructure projects like roads, homes, or parking lots.

How detailed does a Grading Plan need to be?

A grading plan should be detailed enough to show where the site is and its elevation relative to the nearby properties. This will help ensure you don’t accidentally channel surface runoff into your neighbors’ properties.

Your grading plans should also show site location, slope, and grading requirements for the jobs in construction in which you are involved. For example, the grade is used to determine what percentage of dirt needs to be removed from some regions of a landmass to make it level enough so that you can build on it.

Industry experts such as Kilgore Companies should prepare a good grading plan. It should also show the layout of a construction site, indicating the location of existing utilities and any hazards. It also shows where workers will install new utilities and what work procedures need to be considered during construction.

Suppose you are a contractor and you are working on jobs in construction that require this type of documentation. In that case, you need to pay special attention to each section of your grading plan so that everything is clear and accurate for everyone involved.