What Happens During Site Development Earthwork

Are you considering investing in a commercial/residential building? It’s essential to familiarize yourself with the most crucial step toward a successful construction project; site development earthwork. Kilgore Companies offers various jobs in construction to ensure we prepare a construction site through expert earth improvements. This blog highlights all aspects of site development earthwork, from site surveying to site plan design.

Site Surveying

Site surveying is among the most critical jobs in construction, especially in construction site development. An accurate survey determines the correct line and site for the project. Additionally, contractors use site surveys to verify the proposed structure’s appropriate vertical and horizontal location.

Soil Testing

In site development earthwork, soil testing involves the assessment of the condition and composition of the soil on site. The test’s purpose is to resolve whether the ground can hold the weight of the proposed structure by determining its structural integrity. Soil testing also determines the soil’s ability to withstand harsh climatic conditions in the future and its water drainage capability.

Site Clearing

Before construction commences, level and clear the established ground. Besides removing any trees on the site, site clearing also entails clearing any underground utilities that can hinder the construction process.

Site Investigations

Site investigation and site soil testing are almost similar. But site investigation mainly involves geotechnical investigators evaluating the site’s groundwater conditions and rock composition. These ground evaluations help geotechnical investigators determine how the proposed project’s foundation should be built.

Site Plan Design

Architects and project contractors develop a site plan design/blueprint/plot plan after the above steps (surveying, soil testing, site clearing, and investigation) are successful. In construction site development, a site plan is a drawing showing the proposed structure’s position and access roads.

Use a Trusted Company

Construction experts at Kilgore Companies are well-versed with the site development earthwork and other jobs in construction. We understand that every construction project involves many people, much decision-making, and a series of tasks. And that each step of site development earthwork has to be precise and accurate to avoid interfering with the project’s plan midway.