Avoiding Construction Accidents


Kilgore Companies, based in the Intermountain West, provides civil engineering materials and services such as concrete, paving, and aggregates. The company works hard to meet the needs of communities across the state. Its’ companies aim to provide high-quality, safe products and services to every customer.

How is The Company Safe?

Its success gets built upon integrating safety into all construction jobs it does. Every employee shares responsibility for protecting co-workers, products, and communities. For Kilgore Companies, engaging and empowering the workforce to work safely toward a common goal is essential to improving efficiency, quality, and productivity.

Common Accidents Related to Construction Jobs

Here are the top four construction site injuries:

  1. Falling, slipping, and tripping
  2. Getting electrocuted
  3. Being struck by objects
  4. Being trapped or crushed by equipment

One of the most vital steps in preventing accidents is training workers about hazards on the job site. The fatal four accounted for more than half of construction worker deaths in 2017.

Prevention of Workplace Falls, Slips, and Trips

Approximately 39% of construction deaths in 2017 got caused by falls, and the most common OSHA standard violation in 2018 was the failure to protect workers from falls. To reduce fall risks, employers and employees should:

  • Cover every floor hole that could cause an accident.
  • Toe-boards and guardrails must surround every elevated open-sided platform.
  • Provide barriers and toe-board if there is a risk of working falling into or onto dangerous machinery or equipment.
  • Employees must have access to safety equipment such as harnesses, safety nets, stair railings, and handrails.

Avoid Electrocutions by Using These Tips

  • When there’re employees nearby, de-energize the electrical circuits and ground them or protect them appropriately by using insulation.
  • Use personal protective equipment (PPE) to prevent electricity-related injuries.
  • Make available electrical tools and equipment that have been tested and certified by a qualified testing institution, such as double-insulated and grounded hand tools.

Protect Workers From Being Hit or Struck by Objects

  • Provide personal protective equipment, such as reflective vests, eye and face protection, and appropriate headgear.
  • Rear visibility should be clear when driving in reverse.
  • It’s only advisable to lift or dump after all workers are clear.
  • Construction should get marked with traffic signs, barricades, or flaggers.

A Career With a Fast-Growing Company

People looking to develop their careers with a fast-growing company can find construction jobs at Kilgore Companies. To find out what positions are available, visit the website.