What is Modular Construction?

The modular construction industry has been increasing over the past several years. Many people are unfamiliar with modular construction, its use, and why it’s popular. Kilgore Companies is doing something different regarding construction techniques. This guide will teach you what modular construction is and how it differs from other types of construction.

What is Modular Construction

In short, modular construction is where construction components are produced off-site and then delivered to a building site for quick assembly. This method can be used for residential, commercial, or industrial applications. This process can be used on buildings, from homes to office towers.

Types of Modular Buildings

There are two major types of modular buildings: Temporary and Permanent. They are used for projects that do not require a long-term solution or short-term occupancies, such as a construction site office or storage facility. A permanent modular building can be used for residential purposes or office space.

Advantages of using modular construction

1. Jobs in construction – When you have a modular home built, you will have more jobs in construction. This means that more people will be employed in making your home and have jobs for more extended periods.

2. Quality – The quality of a modular home is very high because it has been constructed in a factory, which means there are no weather delays or other issues that can compromise quality.

3. Faster build times – A modular home takes less time than a traditional house does.


For people looking to get jobs in construction, having skills in modular building techniques will get you hired. Here at Kilgore Companies, we welcome all to try our services. Simply tell us your ideas, let us know what you want, and rest assured that we will take care of everything else!