When to Use Protective Eyewear

Professional Heavy Industry Engineer Worker Wearing Safety Uniform and Hard Hat, Using Tablet Computer. Serious Successful Female Industrial Specialist Walking in a Metal Manufacture Warehouse.

Statistics from the National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health show about 2000 US citizens get work-related eye injuries every day. However, safety analysts and eye doctors suggest that the use of safeguarding measures such as protective eyewear equipment can prevent about 90 percent of injuries.

A large percentage of jobs in construction requires you to wear protective gear, including boots, reflectors, helmets, and eyewear. The two main reasons construction workers experience eye injuries are:

  • Failing to wear eye protection
  • Wearing the improper eye protection gadget for a particular job

Read on to identify when to use protective eyewear equipment while working on a construction site.

The main protective eyewear supplies are safety glasses, goggles, and face shields. The safety inspector in a construction site should assess all possible hazards and recommend the appropriate protective equipment to use.

Safety Glasses

You can use safety glasses when performing works that don’t need you to cover your eye areas fully. Such tasks include operating machinery such as excavators and bulldozers, nailing, and demolition.


These safety eyewear products protect you when engaging in construction activities that trigger hazardous materials such as flying particles, hot liquids, eye-irritating gases, and dust. In such conditions, you’ll need google, which covers your eyes thoroughly to prevent the particles from getting in them. For more comfort, use goggles with anti-scratch and anti-fog ventilation to maintain good vision in all weather conditions.

Face Shields

This safety gear will protect your eye plus the whole face. It’s ideal when you’re handling welding works on the construction site, protecting your eyes and face from the dangerous UV light and particles flying at high speed.

Jobs in construction require using protective gear from head to toe since you get involved in dangerous activities such as welding. At Kilgore Companies, we ensure all our employees wear safety gear while executing their duties. You can view our job listings for jobs in construction if you’re currently hunting for a job.