How Does Temperature Affect Asphalt?

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At Kilgore Companies, we handle a lot of asphalt and different construction materials in our day-to-day business. Thus, we must know how to use these materials correctly to get the best possible result. Paving with asphalt can be tricky jobs in construction, and many factors make this versatile substance tough and long-lasting. One of the critical factors that can affect asphalt is temperature. For instance, a rapid increase or decrease in temperature can cause asphalt to crack and erode, delay asphalt from drying, allow air bubbles to get trapped, and much more.

How Does Heat Affect Asphalt?

The temperature of asphalt roads can reach 160 degrees Fahrenheit on a hot summer day. Heat can also cause cracks that can allow moisture in, but instead of that moisture freezing, air bubbles get trapped inside the pavement. If the part of the pavement with air trapped inside experiences a lot of pressure like a vehicle, it can cause the asphalt to collapse and crumble, creating a pothole.

How Do Cold Temperatures Affect Pavement?

When asphalt gets too cold, the pavement is not as flexible; the tension can cause small breaks, which can be exacerbated into a bigger problem when moisture can seep in and freeze. As the water freezes, it expands, further eroding the cracks in the asphalt. Further destabilization can cause potential hazards that often need to be patched or repaired.

As there is a change of seasons, a rapid increase or decrease of cold and heat can decrease the strength of asphalt and substantially limit its dependability. Normal wear and tear throughout the pavement use during all weather seasons can also open up the asphalt to more bereavement by fluctuating temperatures.

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