Good Construction Safety Practices

Construction sites can be dangerous simply because of the nature of the work. The materials used in construction, construction machinery, and the hot, tiring jobs in construction can lead to injury without training construction site employees properly. Construction companies like Kilgore Companies pay attention to the OSHA guidelines regarding site safety and put construction safety practices in place to avoid injuries while employees are on the job.

Safety Training

Every worker on the construction site, from staff employees to subcontractors, needs to have job-specific training before entering the construction site. A mistake that is often made is assuming because people have jobs in construction, they are already trained in site safety. Don’t assume that experience is the same as training. Before an employee performs any task on the site, they need to have documented written and physical training on the job they are expected to perform. Ensure that the training records are current and that training is given at regular intervals per OSHA standards. There are many resources for safety training on the OSHA website, and they can be referenced for free.

Proper Equipment Is A Must

Jobs in construction require a good deal of equipment. Personal Protective Equipment, or PPE, includes vests, hardhats, and boots that site employees must wear to comply with OSHA standards. However, if employees need to work with hazardous materials, they may need additional PPE. For example, if an employee has to work on scaffolding, they need to wear a safety harness to prevent falls. Falls are the leading cause of death on construction sites, so an adequately inspected safety harness should be provided for any site employee who works any distance off the ground.

Employees who work with chemicals, such as paint, need to be provided with gloves and should also be provided with a mask to avoid inhalation dangers. The PPE is required by OSHA to be provided by the employer before starting the job. Ensure your site employees have and wear their PPE.

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