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If you’ve been searching high and low for jobs in construction carried out by a reputable company that puts its employees first, then look no further than Kilgore Companies.

Kilgore Companies is a group of successful construction material companies that offer various services for customers across Utah.

With jobs ranging from dirt work drivers to aggregate plant managers, countless construction jobs are available for those looking to start a new chapter.

Why Should I Choose Kilgore Companies?

Kilgore Companies understands the importance of looking after their employees. We believe hard work should be rewarded and are proud of the large team we have across all of our companies.

Our team works hard, holds each other accountable, completes everything with safety at the forefront of their minds, and gives 100% each day. Because of this, we offer competitive salaries and benefits, including

  1. Health and Wellness – There’s no question that family is the most important thing. That’s why Kilgore Companies offer comprehensive insurance packages designed for each individual employee. These not only cover each employee but their spouse and children as well.
  2. Paid Time Off – Kilgore Companies understand the importance of having a healthy work-life balance. We provide paid time off and always encourage our employees to take it. There’s more to life than work!
  3. 401K – Kilgore Companies offers a traditional and Roth(k) 401K
  4. Short & Long Term Disability: The safety and protection of our employees is incredibly important to use. We provide disability and life insurance programs for employees requiring them during difficult times
  5. Career Development: There’s nothing better than watching a hardworking employee work their way up the ladder. Here at Kilgore Companies, we encourage career development and offer opportunities for growth for employees

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If you’re interested in pursuing a new construction job, have a look at our current job listings. We’d love to hear from you!