What is Grouting?

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When you hear a handyman or laborer refer to their need for “grouting”, what exactly does this mean? While a relatively simple term, it’s a very effective tool used to ensure that jobs in construction go smoothly. Let’s dive into grouting, and what’s it’s used for.

So What Is It?

Grout, as the Ceramic Tile Institute of America will tell you, is a mixture of different materials to form a strong, adhesive bond. It’s typically made by mixing cement with plastics and coloring materials until it can easily bond to surfaces for added support. Grout is usually not seen once a project is finished. It’s often added between blocks of concrete or between bricks during jobs in construction and then covered with additional layers — though if you prefer a grungier, more industrial aesthetic, then you might want your grout showing. It’s also often used to lay tile in bathrooms and be colored accordingly.

What is Grout Used For?

To put it simply, grouting is used during jobs in construction to fill in cracks and gaps. It can also be used to strengthen a foundation of a home or commercial building. It can also be used to fill large spaces as well, though this usually requires a different type of mix. Nowadays, grout is an essential component of any construction site, which is why at Kilgore Companies, it can be sourced daily.

Where Can You Get Grout?

Grout can be acquired from a variety of sources. You can make it yourself, as it’s fairly easy to mix the components together once you know what goes into it. However, commercial-grade grout usually uses the best stuff available. It can be fairly expensive to make yourself, so you might want to obtain it by sourcing it from a construction supply company if you’re looking to engage in some DIY jobs.