Purpose of a Traffic Control Maintainer

A close up and rear view of a female road construction worker holding a stop stick wearing high visibility safety clothes, roadworks traffic control

Have you ever wondered who maintains our highways, roads, and traffic lights? Highly trained construction workers called Traffic Control Maintainers are an integral part of the process.

Below, we talk about the role of a Traffic Control Maintainer. We also summarize their job description and tell you where to find some of the best jobs in construction.

Job Duties and Salary

A Traffic Control maintainer is an important part of the construction team. Their job is to provide support and maintenance for traffic control. They help maintain roadway signs, barricades, and traffic lights. Their roles make it possible for us to drive on safe roads with functioning traffic signals and directional signs.

Traffic Control Maintainers are also called “Highway Maintainers,” Track Maintainers, and Signal Maintainers. They operate and maintain traffic control devices like signal lights, stop lights, and directional warning signs for public roadways.

Besides maintaining traffic control devices, they also mark roadways and pavement to direct the flow of traffic on roads and streets.

Additional Duties:

  • Posting signs that give important messages to drivers on the road.
  • Marking and repair of damaged pavement.
  • Assembly and installation of traffic control devices and roadway signs.
  • General repairs for traffic control devices and directional roadway signs.

We require them to operate CDL class A trucks and vehicles to complete their work. A Traffic Control Maintainer can operate construction equipment like tractors, mowing machines, salt spreaders, and snowplows.

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