Success Relies on Safety

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Here at Kilgore Companies, we truly believe that safety always comes first. This is reflected in the employees we hire, the conditions they operate in, and the overall success of every project we undertake. Without our dedication to safety, we would not be where we are today.

Why is Safety Important?

When working in the construction industry, there are always potential risks and hazards at every job site. It is imperative that our employees integrate safety into everything they do to ensure that risk assessments and safety precautions are taken every step of the way.

Kilgore Companies works tirelessly to ensure that our employees are kept safe and secure. As jobs in construction are one of the more dangerous jobs to undertake, it is not only our job to keep our employees safe, but their job to ensure their peers and environment is safe too.

When safety is king, clients can trust our employees to carry out their work in the most efficient and attentive way as possible. This not only helps to minimize injuries for workers on-site but also helps everyday citizens who enjoy the completed project too.

Reliable Employees Equals Reliable Results

When choosing jobs in construction, you want to work for a company that looks after their employees and is dedicated to their safety. This allows employees to have peace of mind when taking on a new project, no matter how big or small.

Having a company dedicated to safety also showcases the type of company that we are, dedicated to quality and safe results instead of unsafe and rushed. We take health and safety seriously and are a more trusted company because of it.

The Kilgore Way

If you are dedicated to operating in a safe and secure way and are on the hunt for a new job in construction, have a look at our recent job listings for open vacancies. We look forward to hearing from you!