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Kilgore Companies is more than just a group of construction materials companies. We are a team dedicated to giving each client world-class results through our unique set of values. These values are reflected in our results, resulting in satisfied customers for each and every project, no matter how big or small.

Values at Kilgore Companies

Working at Kilgore Companies is more than just your standard jobs in construction. Our reliable employees are both committed and passionate about their jobs and always ensure to operate in a safe and secure environment.

Our employees stand out from the rest. They give each project their all and hold themselves and the rest of their team accountable in achieving quality results. Our employees possess a high level of integrity which puts our client’s minds at rest knowing they have a team of responsible individuals on the job.

How Our Values Are Reflected in Our Results

When you have a team that genuinely cares about the safety and success of a project, this is always reflected in the overall result. When employees are careless, lack initiative, and are irresponsible, the result is unsafe working conditions with a questionable result. Our employees aren’t like the rest – we are committed to giving 100% each and every day.

When you operate in a safe, efficient, and integral way, the result is not only a fantastic project but a more enjoyable experience at the same time. When employees hold each other accountable for their work and strive to be better each and every day, this creates a more joyous atmosphere for everyone involved. This allows for quality results for each project we undertake.

The Kilgore Way

If you are looking for new jobs in construction and possess the same values we do at Kilgore Companies, why not have a look at our current job listings to see if you’d be a good fit for any of the open positions we have available.