Road Work in Winter

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While it’s not exactly ideal to carry out construction projects during the winter months, sometimes it can’t be avoided. In order to achieve a seamless project with a quality result during the cold season, certain care must be taken on-site. If you’re looking for jobs in construction and interested in road work in winter, keep reading on for Kilgore Companies best practices in conducting a safe and smooth operation.

On-Site Etiquette

Car accidents around roadworks increase by approximately 25% during the winter months as a result of cold, wet, and slippery conditions on the road. Because of the dangers that the winter months have that the summer months do not, extra care needs to be taken on-site to ensure strict safety processes are followed.

Often times weather is king. If it’s overly wet or cold, it’s not safe or smart to carry out road works. This is not only to project the employees on-site but to ensure that the project is completed as efficiently as possible. Cold weather can significantly affect road works and ruin an otherwise successful project.

Additional Measures Needed

During the winter, the amount of light during the day is reduced alongside colder temperatures. Because of this, it’s important to have extra lights so that employees have full visibility when carrying out their work.

Other measures are also required during the winter, such as sandbags being brought in to hold down important signage for drivers due to the heavy levels of wind. Wind can be very dangerous for both drivers and construction workers.

The Kilgore Way

At Kilgore companies, our employees are well versed in carrying out roadwork during the winter months. Safety is always prioritized, resulting in a quality project and result. If you’re interested in new jobs in construction and can see yourself working during the winter months, have a look at our job listings for open positions available.