Fiber Reinforcement in Concrete

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Fiber-reinforced concrete is an ideal option for increasing the durability and toughness of concrete and mortar. The addition of fibers to concrete increases strength, kinetic absorption, helps to reduce cracks from shrinkage, and can also reduce spalling at increased temperatures. The fiber reinforcement can also save both time and cost through the reduction or elimination of curbed rebars. This is part of the large array of services that are offered at Kilgore Companies, so we can get jobs in construction done when it comes to fiber reinforcement.

Reinforcement materials in concrete come in three main forms: synthetic micro-fibers, synthetic-macro fibers, and steel fibers. Each of these materials offers different properties to concrete. Micro-fibers are used in the control of plastic shrinkage that can occur in the first 24 hours of the curing process. This method is also a good alternative to crack control mesh and reduces explosive spalling during a fire or other high-heat environment.

Synthetic macro-fibers are used as an alternative for temperature and shrinkage reinforcement. They are important in concrete, where an increase in post-cracking plasticity strength is required. Overall macro-fibers aid in increasing flexural strength, impact resistance, durability, and tensile strength. Steel fibers are the final main material used in this construction method; when added to the mix, the bundles of steel spread throughout the concrete. Steel helps to enhance concrete in its cured state and provides the highest performance under intense load conditions.

While working jobs in construction, it’s important to be mindful of the use and application of concrete you are pouring, and this will help inform you on what the best fiber reinforcement material could be. An experienced team of concrete experts like at Kilgore Companies can ensure the best concrete is used for the job the concrete will face during its lifetime. If you’re looking for jobs in construction, feel free to browse job listings across various Kilgore Companies.