What is Road Base?

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A road base is used as the foundation for roads and driveways in situations where using asphalt would be cost-prohibitive. It is usually comprised of a composite material made primarily of crushed gravel, granite, or limestone. The process of packing the road base down and waiting for it to harden usually requires only a couple of weeks. This is one of the simpler jobs in construction.

Some road bases are mixed with cement for added durability. In the construction industry, these mixtures are known as Cement-Treated Base (CTB). Cement-Treated Bases are sometimes used in the construction of roads. The construction workers place a layer of Cement-Treated Base beneath the top layer of the traditional crushed rock road base to protect the natural soil, also known as a subgrade, beneath the road from potential erosion.

Road base driveways are a great alternative to typical solid concrete. The road base material usually costs much less than a solid concrete driveway. It is also an easier material to install, typically requiring less costly labor fees and/or cement truck rentals. Make sure the type of soil in your subgrade is suitable for a road base driveway before beginning construction. Of course, as with many jobs in construction, there are both pros and cons to using a road base driveway. This material can get dry, cracked, and dusty after several hot arid summers. They can also soak up excess moisture from inclement weather events and cause ruts where your vehicles drive. The material can also chip away with high traffic.

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