What are Water Trucks Used for in Construction?

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Water trucks are used for a variety of reasons. Whether they are combatting dust at a construction site or being used as an emergency water supply in the event of a natural disaster, this mobile transport of water is a necessity for many industries and people around the globe. Kilgore Companies recruits water truck drivers, so if you are interested in learning a bit more about what these construction jobs entails, keep reading on!

What is a Water Truck?

Water trucks offer a mobile solution for the transport of water from one location to another.

Water Trucks Use in Construction

While water trucks are required for a variety of reasons ranging from farming to firefighting, their use in the construction industry is one of the most widely used and important. The primary use of water trucks in the construction industry is for dust control.

Construction sites produce a significant amount of dust that can affect the project at hand and negatively affect workers, with issues such as eye irritation, asthma, and bronchitis being reported. When people seek out new construction jobs, it’s important for them to work at a safe and secure site, and water trucks allow for this to happen by dampening the dust that the site produces.

The way water trucks dampen the dust is by collecting and spraying water out the back of the vehicle to ensure that all dust, rock, and soil is suppressed on the job site. This allows for the project to be continued as efficiently as possible.

Aside from their ability to suppress dust in construction, water trucks also are used for soil compaction. As soil needs to be compacted to create an even surface on construction sites so structures can be built safely, water trucks offer a way to provide an exact amount of water to retain a good water to soil ratio for strong and stable ground.

Water Truck Drivers

Now that you know what a water truck is and why it’s needed in the construction industry, why not consider new construction jobs as a water truck driver? They are in high demand and service people and companies all over the world.