Concrete Quality Control Technician

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One of the most important jobs in construction is that of the Concrete Quality Control Technician. This position requires a keen eye for high-quality work and very close attention to detail. From the beginning phases of the pouring to the final approval of a structure’s design, these quality control technicians will provide their seal of approval required to finalize jobs in construction.

A Concrete Quality Control Technician is responsible for conducting inspections, testing services, documentation of products for plant facilities. They will also evaluate data regarding mix production to ensure proper compliance for all projects and applications.

At Kilgore Companies, a Concrete Quality Control Technician may also be responsible for the following:

  • Develop mix designs for products based on a customer’s requirements using data and guidelines from previous mixes
  • Use approved methods to inspect and test products to maintain a high level of quality control
  • Visit job sites, attend meetings, and make calls to customers promoting products that add value. They will also collect market and job information.
  • Maintain lab equipment and keep the general work area clean and safe
  • Advise foreman and upper management on development issues arising from product problems
  • Follow company and OSHA procedures for safety compliance

Concrete Quality Control Technicians must have a significant amount of experience in the construction industry and knowledge of all aspects of a job site. Additionally, proper knowledge must be displayed regarding mixing concrete and other job site products and materials.

The job also requires strong analytical and problem-solving skills to resolve challenges on the job site and with mixing. Special certifications are also required to understand the varying knowledge required to complete the job efficiently. Get an inside look at the daily activities of a Concrete Quality Control Technician here.

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