What is a Ready Mix Driver?

construction jobs
construction jobs

A Ready Mix Driver is a truck driver who delivers concrete to construction sites. They are responsible for operating the mixer, delivering the concrete to the site, and removing excess material. Such construction jobs need extensive knowledge of load weights and materials handling equipment and excellent driving skills.

How to Become a Ready Mix Driver

To become a ready-mix driver, construction companies like Kilgore Companies will need you to hold a CDL license. Some construction jobs may also request that their drivers have experience driving concrete delivery trucks before hiring them as permanent staff members.

Construction workers will also need to complete the construction course as part of the application process for their construction job role. Once construction workers have completed these steps, they can apply for construction jobs with a construction company.

Besides, construction workers can also take advantage of the construction apprenticeship scheme, which allows them to gain the skills and knowledge required to become a ready-mix driver.

How to Pick the Best Ready Mix Truck

When construction workers are looking for their next ready-mix truck, they will need to look at several factors to choose the best construction vehicle.

They should compare fuel economy and load capacity before choosing any construction job. Besides, they should also check how much space there is in the construction truck to carry out construction jobs.

Construction workers looking at used construction equipment can use comparison tools, which allow construction employees to compare construction trucks from different manufacturers side-by-side to help them make their final decision.

The Bottomline of Ready Mix Driver

Construction companies must choose reliable, cost-effective, and durable construction vehicles that efficiently carry out their construction jobs.

Ready-mix construction trucks are one such construction vehicle, and construction workers should consider their different options before choosing which ready mix truck will best suit their needs.