What is a Scale House?

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Kilgore Companies provides a number of high-quality construction jobs, some of which take place in what is known as a “scale house.” You may be wondering what a scale house is and what kind of work is done there. The answers to these questions are simple and straightforward.

A scale house is a structure where scales are used in measurement or weighing a manufacturing plant’s product to be sold or the product to be served out like food or raw materials. You can plainly see how the accuracy of one of these scale houses can determine the overall efficiency of the manufacturing plant as a whole. Suppose even one scale is just slightly off without anybody noticing and correcting the mistake. In that case, the results could be a catastrophic increase in operating costs over the long run, which, if left unchecked, could eat away at profits.

Scale houses are found in most weigh stations, recycling facilities, and other large-scale product monitoring operations. One of the first and most important construction jobs in a scale house is to monitor equipment. Staff must feel safe, comfortable, and protected from the elements when working in a scale house. The workers in the scale house spend the majority of their time monitoring precise dials for potential safety hazards that could affect the entire crew and job site.

That is why most scale houses are operated out of prefabricated buildings that require little to no maintenance. These prefab buildings provide the necessary shelter without driving up ongoing costs. The scale houses often include all basic amenities like electricity, air conditioning, and restrooms.

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