How To Stay Warm While Working Construction in the Fall

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Staying warm while working construction jobs in the fall is not only a matter of personal comfort but of safety – ensuring that you are comfortable and that your hands and feet are not going numb from cold will ensure that you are not tempted to speed up a job unsafely or face an accident from stiffness and numbness in the feet and hands. Any time you are likely to be working outdoors in the fall, Kilgore Companies recommends these tips to stay warm and stay safe:

1. Layer your clothing. Some of the best clothing companies for construction jobs will include layers in their product designs, and yet it is still crucially important that you rely on multiple layers for all parts of your body to stay properly warm. The gaps/air pockets between your clothing layers will prevent heat transfer, and the ability to easily add or shed layers will keep you comfortable through the changing conditions of the day.

2. Layer properly. In addition to layering, make sure that fabrics close to your skin are the type to easily wick away moisture (which, when cold, will drain your body heat) and that your outer layers are designed to properly prevent moisture or wind from breaking your clothing barrier.

3. Keep your clothing warm before putting it on. Leaving your clothing in the truck, trailer, or outdoors can be tempting for many construction jobs, but your body will need to then heat the clothing back up to make it effective. If you can shed the clothing in a controlled temperature environment, you will step back into the cold, already protected by a warm air layer.

4. Eat and drink warm substances. Over the course of your construction jobs, you may be tempted to drink cold beverages without much notice of body temperature change, but over the course of the day, your body is spending heavily to warm those liquids up!At Kilgore companies, safety comes first. Find jobs for the fall and summer here!