What Is A Foreman In Construction?

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Portrait of Successful Builder / Worker / Contractor Wearing Hard Hat and Safety Vest Standing on a Commercial Building Construction Site, Crosses Arms Confidently. In the Background Crane Machinery

Foremen are an essential part of the team on any construction site. They oversee projects at a leadership position, acting as managers of a building with their technical expertise, managerial skills, and leadership abilities. They are multi-taskers who play a vital role in building sites.

Foremen do it all, from handling budgets to overseeing employees to managing the inventory of tools and equipment used on-site.

Without them, a construction project could easily stall or even collapse. Without foremen, project managers and supervisors would not receive critical updates on work done. It makes it one of the more critical jobs in construction.

Role Of A Foreman

A foreman supervises crew members as they carry out daily tasks. It is one of the senior-level jobs in construction. Their duties include;

  • Coming up with work schedules and approximation of project duration for review by project managers
  • Hiring crew members
  • Conducting on-site training
  • Ordering work tools, equipment, machinery, and materials required to complete tasks
  • Delegating daily tasks to crew members based on preferences and skillsets
  • Overseeing expenses to ensure spending meets the project budget
  • Reviewing blueprints and other technical documents
  • Maintaining safety protocols and communicating them to employees daily
  • Communicating with construction managers who have less physical contact on-site

Skills Needed In A Foreman

  1. Communication-It is one of the jobs in construction that needs good communication skills at the group and individual levels.
  2. Decision Making-The foreman has the final say on everything that happens on-site. They should be proactive, anticipating problems and coming up with practical solutions.
  3. Arithmetic-Foremen must be capable of calculating expenses and units of production, including the productivity rate of crew members. It helps them identify ways to increase productivity.

Want To Become A Foreman?

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