Why Work in the Construction Field?

Not everyone’s dream job is to work in an office. Employment in the trades can be lucrative, especially when it comes to construction. The field is diverse, with job opportunities in schools, hospitals, water works, bridges, highways, and more.

Construction firms, both big and small, are always hiring. Now more than ever there is a need for new employees. The industry is in dire need of capable professionals to replace those about to retire. Construction is one of the fields with low unemployment. There is always something to build, repair, or maintain.

Here is why you should work in the construction field.

Shortage Of Skilled Labor

According to recent findings, construction jobs are in high demand. Over 80% of employers stated that they have had difficulty finding and retaining employees in this field. Which means YOU are needed!

Which means the field is wide open to those who want to work in it. Competition is low; therefore, chances of getting employed are high as well.

You Can Get Employed Right After School

One of the benefits of construction jobs is that you can start work right after graduating from high school. College does not fit into everyone’s goals, and even when it does, it proves to be quite expensive. Many students have to borrow money to pay for their education, and they end up saddled with debt after graduating.

Debts that many continue to pay off going into their 30s. The average student who joins the field after high school avoids college debt and gains four or five years of work experience over their peers. The future of the construction industry is looking up.

More Employment Opportunities

With the shortage of skilled labor in construction, more employment opportunities are open up for this field. This shortage will double in the coming years. Start your career in Kilgore Companies today and reap the rewards of working in the trades.