Operating A Track Hoe

construction jobs
construction jobs

Outdoor construction jobs often involve heavy machinery such as cranes, wrecking balls, and tipper trucks. Each piece of equipment has its role to play, with unique applications and demands on the worksite. Today we will cover track hoes, their uses, and what you should look out for when hiring a track hoe operator.

What Is A Track Hoe?

A track hoe, also known as a backhoe, is a type of excavator. It is one of the most commonly used pieces of equipment in outdoor construction jobs. The name track hoe comes because it uses rotating wheels similar to tanks used by the military.

Track hoes come in different sizes, from mini-excavators to larger excavators that weigh several dozen tons.

How Are Track Hoes Used?

The most common application for track hoes in construction jobs is in preparation and clean-up of the worksite. It can range from landscaping to demolitions. Track hoes can also dig holes to lay pipes, cables, or any other underground installations.

They can rotate 360 degrees and lift heavy loads, making them versatile and valuable pieces of heavy construction equipment.

Things To Look Out For When Hiring A Track Hoe Operator

Track hoes are complex pieces of machinery. Even the most miniature excavator models require a high degree of proficiency to use. Track hoe operators must be mindful of safety precautions. They must also have experience in outdoor construction, especially that which involves heavy mechanical equipment.

Track hoes are mighty machines, so they need a seasoned hand. Track hoe operators should:

  • Undergo an excavator training course
  • Know where power lines are, both overhead and underground
  • Avoid obstacles such as other equipment, site workers, and vehicles
  • Avoid overconfidence, which can lead to costly or even fatal mistakes

Safety Is Key

Above all, track hoes should operate in a manner that does not compromise safety. Use of heavy construction equipment needs people who have the training, experience, and a cautious approach. You can trust Kilgore Companies to do that.